Nathalie Zomer-Weil 

 Family and Couple Therapist

Certification from: The Israel Association for Family 

and Couple Therapy.


I have specialized in providing therapeutic counseling to help couples, parents, children, and families for over a decade, working in both publicly-sponsored health care programs and private practice.

I bring to my clinical work in this field a wide range of therapeutic experience, backed up by extensive study, professional training, and thinking. This enables me to integrate a number of special approaches that I have found to be especially efficacious. I believe in thinking, learning, and working together with my clients, while taking into consideration the uniqueness of each case and the need to customize the treatment approach to meet the needs of each person.

My extensive experience includes: family therapy, couples therapy, Dyadic (parent and child) therapy, individual therapy, and parental guidance.

In addition to Hebrew, I speak and provide treatment in German (my mother tongue), English, and French.

My private clinic is located in the Sharon area.



I was born in Switzerland to a traditional and Zionist Jewish family. I immigrated to Israel as a university student and received my Bachelor of Education degree from Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv and my Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology from the Israeli branch of Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.).

While working with children and families suffering from various traumatic conditions at the Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel in Petach Tikva and at the Geha Hospital Mental Health Center, I came to understand that the best way to help the children is to work together with their parents.

With this in mind, I pursued studies at several institutions, including: the Haruv Institute in Jerusalem, Israel’s leading authority on child abuse and neglect; Barcai Institute, an independent Narrative Family Therapy Center located in Tel Aviv; the Telem (T.L.M.) nation-wide network for psychological therapy; the Anna Freud Centre for research in child psychoanalysis and the training of psychotherapists; and others. I have been awarded certifications from these institutions as a family and couple therapist and therapist proficient in the employment of a variety of therapeutic approaches, with particular emphasis on Dyadic treatment.

During the past decade I have accumulated a wealth of professional experience treating families and couples in several different frameworks. These include: Aluma, the oldest center in Israel providing family and couple therapy, located in Tel Aviv; the Center for Family and Couple Therapy of the town of Or Akiva (seven years); the Child Welfare Department of the town of Elad (two years); the private learning and therapy center Tiltan in Hod Hasharon; and my own private clinic in Givat Hen.

Over the years I have treated dozens of families and children, some of whom were suffering from severe states of crisis and trauma. This has given me invaluable experience and sensitivity in knowing when and how to be of help to the members of the family.



(from most recent to earliest)

I am presently enrolled in a “Train the Trainer” course at the Haruv Institute.

Course in “Parent-Child Psychotherapy for Parents with Young Children,” Haruv Institute (with the participation of two world-renowned lecturers from UCLA, Professor Alicia Liebermann and the recently deceased Professor Patricia van Horn).

 “Dyadic Therapy Training Course,” focusing on the treatment of young children, Telem (T.L.M.) Institute.

Training in the use of “Play Therapy” and “Integrative Family Therapy,” Continuing Education and External Studies Division, BarIlan University.

Course in “Letting Go Peacefully – How To Deal with Cases of Illness and Death,” Telem (T.L.M.) Institute.

“Expanded Course in Narrative and Reflexivity Approaches,” Barcai Institute.

Training in “Systemic and Couples Therapy” through the respected “Journey to the Family” program.

Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology, granted by the Israeli branch of Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.).

Bachelor of Education degree in Special Education for Children from Kindergarten Age to Tenth Grade, granted by Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv.



(from most recent to earliest):

Treatment of families and couples in my private clinic in Givat Hen.

Therapist at Aluma, Tel Aviv.

Therapist at the Center for Family and Couple Therapy of the town of Or Akiva.

Therapist at the Child Welfare Department of the town of Elad.

Therapist at the private learning and therapy center Tiltan in Hod Hasharon.

Volunteer in the “Street Patrol” project of Elem, Association for Assisting Youth in Distress, in Netanya.

Therapeutic teacher at the Neurim school of Geha Hospital.

Director of numerous parenting workshops.

Therapeutic teacher in the Inpatient Ward of the Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel.

Teacher Trainer and Student Guide at BarIlan University and Levinsky College.